Here you will find high resolution (300dpi) images of our designs. Select an image below and it will download to your computer.

Charcoal Refill (x3)

Eau Good

Charcoal Refill (x3)

Box Appetit

Lunch Bowl

Thermo Pot

Lunch Pot

Bento Box

Sandwich On Board

Lunch Box Bag

Lunch Box Revolution

Utensil / Knife Holder + Board

Storage Jars (x3)

Bread Bin

Dish Rack

Salad Bowl + Servers

Chip + Dip Set

Nut + Olive Bowl

Draining Fruit Bowl + Mat

Salad Servers / Tongs

Chopping Boards


Flower Loop

Fruit Loop

Dinner Loop

Double Loop Bowl

Outdoor T-Loop

Single Loop Bowl

Finger Loop

Cake Loop

Loop Vase

Candle Snuffer

Napkin Loop x4

Salt & Pepper Loop

Oil & Vinegar Loop

High & Dry

Boo Mirror (x2)

Stand Up!

Brrrrr Ice Tray

James The Bookend

James The Doorman

Jimmy Keyring


Leaning Tower Of Pasta

On A Roll

Climbing Light