Here you will find high resolution (300dpi) images of our designs. Select an image below and it will download to your computer.

Charcoal Refill (x3)

Lime Bundle: Box Appetit & Lunch Pot

Lunch Bundle: Blue Eau Good & Lime Box Appetit

Mixed Bundle: Lime Box Appetit, Lime Lunch Bag & Recipe Book

Eau Good Bundle: Lime & Blue

Eau Good

Charcoal Refill (x3)

Box Appetit

Lunch Bowl

Thermo Pot

Lunch Pot

Bento Box

Sandwich On Board

Lunch Box Bag

Lunch Box Revolution

Utensil / Knife Holder + Board

Storage Jars (x3)

Bread Bin

Dish Rack

Salad Bowl + Servers

Chip + Dip Set

Nut + Olive Bowl

Draining Fruit Bowl + Mat

Salad Servers / Tongs

Chopping Boards


Flower Loop

Fruit Loop

Dinner Loop

Double Loop Bowl

Outdoor T-Loop

T-Loop - Chrome

Single Loop Bowl

Finger Loop

Cake Loop

Loop Vase

Candle Snuffer

Napkin Loop x4

Salt & Pepper Loop

Oil & Vinegar Loop

High & Dry

Boo Mirror (x2)

Stand Up!

Brrrrr Ice Tray

James The Bookend

James The Doorman

Jimmy Keyring


On A Roll

Climbing Light