James The Doorman

The award winning iconic door stop


Made of synthetic rubber

Please note: Maximum gap between door and floor should be 2.3cm

L 11cm W 4cm  H 19cm

L 4.3" W 1.5"  H 7.4"

A word from the designer

We are probably best know for this design. Even if people don’t know black+blum, they will often recognise and remember James. The design came about by chance. We had just moved into the Oxo Tower and needed a door wedge to hold open the heavy glass door. We cut out a simple piece of wood and it immediately started getting lots of attention. This got us thinking that nobody had give the traditional door wedge any thought or character….and so James was born.

A true gentleman

James is the perfect gentleman and will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it. He will bring a stylish welcome to any interior.